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Down to Earth
Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Aromatic description 
A warm, deep, resonating aroma with sweet, fruity tones. 

Ideal for meditation or spiritual healing treatments. Supports the respiratory system, helpful for cold & flu remedies. Cleansing and toning action on the skin. 

Ingredients Amount Description
Mandarin oil 35% Refreshes the mind & reduces nervousness. Suitable for children.
Lavender oil 28% Excellent for relaxation. Calms irritation & minimises redness.
Cedarwood Atlas oil 17% Calming & soothing to the nervous system. Astringent properties. 
3% Chamomile oil 12% Dispels anger. Improves elasticity, anti-ageing benefits.
Frankincense oil 8% Deeply relaxing & comforting. Smooths fine lines & wrinkles.

Step 1:
 Combine all Essential oils in a glass vessel and mix well.  

Step 2: Pour into an amber glass bottle and allow to synergise for 24 hours. 

Step 3: Vaporise to centre your thoughts and create a calm state of mind.

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