Natural Skincare Making Workshops, Parties & Events in Sydney Natural Skincare Making Workshops, Parties & Events in Sydney

Handmade Natural Skincare Workshops

Sage Cosmetic Coaching is Sydney's leading place to learn how to make your own natural skincare products.

Are you looking to make something special for yourself, friends and family? 
Are you keen to turn your hobby into a business for market stalls or online selling?
Or do you just want to try something new?
Whatever the reason we can teach you all about creating an effective natural cosmetic product, whilst celebrating the love and careful consideration that goes into making handmade skincare.

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What Will You Learn?

Our classes cover a range of topics to give you the essential background information so you can continue to make skincare at home with confidence. You'll learn the what, the why and most importantly the how! All classes are hands on and you walk away with delicious handmade products as well as an informative handbook to use as reference for future creating. We cover common and useful ingredients, including essential oils, carrier oils, butters and waxes, natural preservative options and more. 

You can learn to make:

Moisturising Creams, Balms, Scrubs, Essential Oil Blends, Massage Oils and Serums, Face Masks and more. 

Not a newbie? Talk to us about how you could take your DIYing to the next level. Email

Why Make Your Own?

There are so many great natural skincare products out there, why would you learn to DIY?

  • If you have sensitive skin or for a variety of reasons are trying to avoid particular ingredients. Making your own gives you the opportunity to choose every single ingredient you apply to your skin. You can avoid the confusion of reading complicated labels and deciphering technical ingredient names. You can feel comfort knowing that the products that you and your family use are safe, natural, not tested on animals and formulated specifically for your needs.

  • If you like to hand make gifts, adding skincare to your repertoire is a really special way to nourish and pamper your friends and family. Beautiful artisanal products show love, thought and of course shows off your unique skills.

  • If you are interested in, trying to be or killing it at a Zero Waste lifestyle. Home made, in various aspects of daily life, is a huge part of the zero waste movement. Making your own can reduce waste, packaging, avoid undesirable ingredients with high environmental impact, reduce shipping miles and boycott large companies whose values don't align with yours. 

  • If you want to make a natural handmade product to sell at markets, online or in your bricks and mortar store. You can have total control over the ingredients, manufacture and story behind your product. Email us to discuss our professional or private class options.

  • If you just like to learn new skills. Join us to learn something fun and hands on. Get to know the basics that you can expand on and continue creating when you get home. With a wide range of cosmetic products you can make at home, you'll never be at a loss for a new project you can get stuck into.

Polly and Lu* know how to make your class suit your needs and interests. Not sure which class to book into? Shoot us an email and let's chat. We can cater a class, team building session or party to you and create something really fun and special together.