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Floral Embrace
Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Aromatic description 
A rich, opulent floral aroma with sweet citrus notes.

Excellent feminine blend. Instils feelings of positivity and self-love. Offers balancing and relaxing properties. Ideal for anti-ageing skincare or add to a carrier oil for an exquisite perfume. 

Ingredient Amount Description
Tangerine oil 28% Soothes the nervous system. Re-energises & softens complexion.
Bergamot oil 25% Allays anger & promotes calm. Ideal for oily skin types. 
Geranium oil 22% Lifts the spirit & balances emotions. Excellent skin cleanser. 
3% Rose absolute 15% Promotes female positivity. Soothes irritated dry skin conditions.
Ylang Ylang oil 10% Reduces tension & encourages happiness. Balances sebum.

Step 1:
 Combine all Essential oils in a glass vessel and mix well.  

Step 2: Pour into an amber glass bottle and allow to synergise for 24 hours. 

Step 3: Vaporise to create an atmosphere of self-love and care. 

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