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  • Bedside Table Skincare Must-Haves

    Bedside Table Skincare Must-Haves

    If you are like me, your bedside table tends to be pretty cluttered. Books you never quite finish, charging cables, an old school clock radio and a single earring that is destined to never find its partner. But in amongst the chaos, I also always have a stash of skincare products... all part of my bedtime routine. 

    So I thought I'd share my top bedside table skincare must-haves with you!

    1. Lip Balm - this is an absolute essential item to have within arms reach at all times. I hate waking up in the middle of the night with tight, cracked lips. Smother your smackers in a soothing, protective product to help them maintain moisture while you sleep. 

    2. Hand Cream - my mother always told me to put cream on my hands when I went to bed, she even suggested wearing cotton gloves to help keep them nourished and smooth. Hands are the first part of the body that start to show signs of ageing so I definitely make sure I use a creamy, deeply hydrating moisturiser on them.

    3. Eye Serum - I'm not a huge fan of using eye products during the day, mostly because I find they sometimes end up in my eyes and blur my vision. But this isn't a problem when I'm snoring! I make sure I apply a light eye serum around this delicate area to help minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

    4. Night Cream - ok, I'll be honest with you... this is one product that I sometimes skip. It all depends on how my skin is feeling. If I can tell they my skin is tight and needs a boost of hydration then I will apply a rich night cream all over my face, neck and décolletage to help support my skin's texture and suppleness. 

    5. Face Mist - my mist is more for the morning, but it's still on my bedside table. I find it really helpful when I first wake up... a quick spritz to enliven the skin and help refresh my mind. Currently, I have a Rose Infused Mist, but you can always mix it up with your favourite essential oil... Grapefruit would give you an energy boost, Peppermint would be perfect in summer to help keep you cool. The choice is yours!

    6. Water - not technically a skincare item, but an absolute must-have on your bedside table to help keep you (and your skin) hydrated. Whether you have a glass that you refill every night or a bottle that you bring to bed with you, I definitely recommend always having H2O handy close by.

    If you want to learn to make your own natural skincare products then I urge you to come along to a Natural Skincare Workshop soon!

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