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  • Citrus Family Essential Oils

    Citrus Family Essential Oils

    You can't help but smile when you experience the bright and vibrant scents of citrus essential oils. In this blog, we explore the energising and uplifting aromas of the Citrus Olfactive Family that will have you embracing the day. 

    Citrus Family essential oils are some of the most widely used in the world. They are typically sourced through cold press extraction from nutrient dense peel of fruits like Orange Sweet and Pink Grapefruit, often as a by-product of the juice industry. 

    Renowned for their zesty and refreshing fragrance, they can bring a sweet, reviving warmth to a cosmetic or perfumery blend. Rich in natural constituents such as d-Limonene, potent antibacterial and degreasing properties also make Citrus Family oils popular for use in cleaning products. Essential oils within this family also offer sunny, uplifting effects and help promote relaxation and a positive mind.

    Grapefruit essential oil
    The bright sweetness of Grapefruit is a great pick-me-up during times of strain and fatigue. It can lift you mood, energise and promote mental clarity. It's renowned for its detoxifying properties and is excellent for massage applications to help clear congested skin. 

    It has a refreshing, tangy aroma with slightly sweet tones. It sits as a medium top note and blends well with other citrus oils as well as Lavender, Geranium and Rosemary. 

    Lemon essential oil
    The fresh and sparkling aroma of Lemon is a popular ingredient in fragrances and body care products used to create invigorating and refreshing formulations. A wonderful mood booster, Lemon can aid concentration and alleviate mental fatigue when incorporated into a vaporiser blend.

    In skincare, Lemon acts as a natural exfoliant helping to brighten a dull complexion and soften rough skin. Powerful astringent properties also make it an effective cleanser and treatment for aggravated skin.

    Lime essential oil
    With a delicious, sweet but tart aroma, Lime oil is bursting with energy. Aromatherapists recognise the oil's rejuvenating qualities to help stimulate and activate a tired mind and body. 

    Often used together with Lemon in the top notes of a fragrance, Lime oil is a great addition to a men's cologne and aftershave products. The strong astringent action means it performs well in skin and hair care formulations helping to tone and balance oily skin.

    Mandarin essential oil
    Mandarin oil has a delicate, sweet and tangy aroma with subtle floral undertones. A mild and soothing oil, it is an ideal ingredient for baby products encouraging a calm and happy state of mind. 

    It is also used for improving skin health, increasing circulation, reducing fluid retention and softening the appearance of stretch marks. 

    Orange Sweet essential oil
    Cheerful and radiant, Orange Sweet oil has a zesty, refreshing citrus aroma. Popular in aromatherapy for its versatility and affordability, it is an excellent skin tonic for soothing dry, irritated or breakout prone skin.

    A perfect all-over house cleaner, Orange Sweet oil can be used as a degreaser, deodoriser and antiseptic. The relaxing and calming quality of Orange Sweet will also promote sunny positivity and happiness.

    Blending with Citrus
    Citrus Family oils provide an uplifting and revitalising top note for essential oil blends and perfumes. They bring a clean element to the aroma profile and assist in balancing the blend. Why not try some of these combinations in your vaporiser...

    Good Morning 
    Lemon oil - 5 drops
    Rosemary oil - 3 drops
    Petitgrain oil - 2 drops

    Sleep Well
    Orange Sweet oil - 4 drops
    Lavender oil - 3 drops
    Chamomile oil - 3 drops

    Fresh & Clean
    Lime oil - 5 drops
    Eucalyptus oil
     - 3 drops
    Peppermint oil - 2 drops

    If you'd like to find out more about Citrus notes... or any other essential oil olfactive family then join us at our next Scent Blending Workshop where you'll learn how to create a wonderful balanced essential oil blend. We hope to see you soon!


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