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  • Essential Oils for Big Emotions

    Essential Oils for Big Emotions

    If you are a parent of a small human, then you will totally understand the rollercoaster that is big emotions. One minute your child is happily playing, then all of a sudden something happens and they are in the middle of a meltdown.

    That overwhelming rush of emotion can be very difficult for a kid to cope with and they can often find it hard to return to a calm, content state of mind.

    Validating emotions and naming the feelings, deep breaths, staying calm yourself... there are a range of techniques you could employ to help your child process through their emotional response to situations... some might work really well for you, others not so much. 

    Every one is different so finding the best method will really depend on your family, but there are some essential oils you can have handy to support those emotional moments and help create a calm, nurturing environment for everyone.

    Lavender oil is renowned for its calming, supportive properties. It can help reduce tension and alleviate anger or frustration. It is also an extremely popular oil to use with children as it is gentle enough to use from a very young age. 

    Bergamot oil is great for balancing both your mood and your energy levels. It promotes positivity and can help lift the vibes. It is particularly useful when both parent and child are feeling disheartened by an emotional situation. 

    Cedarwood Atlas oil has an impressive grounding and soothing affect. It's warm aroma stabilises the mind when feeling stressed, during confusion or emotional upheaval. It helps to relax to body and steady the soul. 

    Orange Sweet oil is a gently uplifting option that is both cheerful and relaxing at the same time. Its aroma is happy and friendly. Orange gently supports emotional regulation and encourages the release of nervous tension.

    Try any of these oils on their own, or in combination in an electric vaporiser to help your little one navigate their emotional development.



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