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  • How Clay Helps Your Skin

    How Clay Helps Your Skin

    Who doesn't love a good clay mask? There's something truly luxurious about smoothing mineral-rich clay on your skin and taking ten minutes to simply sit back and enjoy the sensory effect. We've all seen those insta pics where a mask is paired with a good book or a glass of wine in the name of 'self-care'... but social media aside, there are many fantastic reasons why you should embrace regular masking!

    Clay can be used on the face, body or feet to cleanse, revitalise and invigorate your skin. It is recognised for its detoxifying action and can help unclog pores or remove excess oil. No matter what skin type you have there is a suitable clay that you can use to help improve your skin tone and encourage a fresh complexion.

    Which clay should you choose?

    Pink clay is a combination of red and white clay which makes it a very versatile option. It is suitable for people with combination, normal or dry complexions. Pink clay has remarkable cosmetic properties, containing high levels of minerals and trace elements. It repairs, protects and revitalises dry skin. Plus, it has a lovely softening effect that refines the skin's texture while toning it, leaving it feeling fresh and healthy.

    Green Clay is best suited to oily skin. It is perfect for clearing up problems like overproduction of sebum. It has exceptional absorbency that makes it especially effective in drawing out impurities from the skin and hair. When utilised in a beauty treatment it exfoliates and mattifies the skin, and has a deep-down cleansing action in pores. Green clay, or Montmorillonite, with its uniquely rich mineral content, is one of the best detoxifying ingredients.

    White Clay or Kaolin is the mildest of all clays and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It helps stimulate circulation to the epidermis whilst gently exfoliating and cleansing it. It does not draw natural oils from the skin, making it also an excellent treatment for dry skin types. It is a natural mineral boosting and anti-ageing treatment.

    Red Clay is very efficient at drawing dirt, oils and toxins from the skin. It is rich in red iron oxide. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores radiance and vitality to the skin. Red clay is Illite and is known for improving circulation and encouraging a healthy complexion. It can also be added to soaps to increase lather, add exfoliation and to provide natural colour.

    Yellow Clay is another form of Illite. It is usually collected next to red clay within the mine and has similar qualities. It is a mineral rich clay that tones the skin, stimulates circulation and fights hair fragility. Yellow Clay is recommended for normal skin types and to help rejuvenate tired and neglected skin.

    All clays are suitable for adding soft, matte colour to finished products. They will impart gentle hues that are visually appealing. In cold process or melt & pour soap bars the result is a solid colour that provides a very natural appearance. But it's important to understand that clays can impact the stability of some skincare products. Their high mineral content can provide an ideal environment for microbes to grow so it's essential to consider the robustness of your preserving system.

    Here at Sage, we have 3 different Clay Mask packs to choose from - Pink, Green or White. Try one today and we'll know your skin will glow with the results.

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