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  • Lime & Coconut Bath Soak Recipe

    Lime & Coconut Bath Soak Recipe

    Do you dream of lying under a palm tree, listening to the sound of waves gently breaking on soft sand? Tropical island vibes really help create a feeling of relaxation and while we can't transport you to the Caribbean we can share this wonderful recipe for our Lime & Coconut Bath Soak with you! 

    Use this in your bath for a delightful, luscious body treatment... the coconut milk will soothe and soften your skin, while the essential oils wrap you in an uplifting aromatic experience. 

    It is quick and easy to make and is the perfect gift for someone you love... especially if they are still waiting for you to take them to Tahiti!

    Ingredient Amount Properties
    Sea Salt 110g Relieves tension, muscle aches, tired body & feet.
    Coconut Milk Powder 50g Softening & soothing on skin, mild aroma
    Dried Hibiscus Flowers 4g Mild aroma, adds to appearance of product
    Bergamot oil 24 drops Uplifting, soothes frustration, skin healing properties
    14 drops
    Vibrant aroma, bright & lively, cleansing.
    2 drops Aids circulation, clears congestion, clear & fresh aroma

    Step 1: Measure Salt and Coconut Powder into a bowl, mix and remove any lumps with a spoon.

    Step 2: Add Essential oils, mix well.

    Step 3: Add Dried flowers and mix in gently.

    Step 4: Dispense into jars.

    Makes approx. 2 x 100g Jars. 
    Add as much as desired to running bath.

    Suggested recipes are provided as examples only. Whilst all care has been taken in creating these examples, Sage Cosmetic Coaching accepts no responsibility relating to the manufacture of products. Any responsibility for the performance, efficacy and stability of the product lies with the manufacturer.
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