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  • Our Favourite Tips for Summer-safe Skin

    Our Favourite Tips for Summer-safe Skin

    Sunshine, salt water swimming, multiple layers of sunscreen, sweating... these are all things our skin has to endure during the hot summer months. While we love being out and about enjoying the summer lifestyle, it can mean that our skin ends up a little neglected. 

    We've got four of our favourite tips to help keep your skin feeling fresh and vibrant during the season.

    Hydrate -

    One of the most important things you can do for your skin in summer is to keep it hydrated. Humidity can suck the moisture from your pores... so you want to make sure you are boosting skin-hyrdration. You can do this quickly and easily by keeping a refreshing toner on hand - a few sprays can provide instant relief. 

    You also need to be drinking plenty of water! That helps hydrate from the inside out... and of course it has lots of other health benefits. If you get over drinking multiple glasses of straight water, why not add a few pieces of cucumber or some lemon or orange slices... we can't stress enough the importance of H2O.


    If you use sunscreen everyday (which we DEFINITELY recommend) you might think it's providing you enough moisturisation. But that's not always the case. Regularly applying a moisturiser is still a vital part of summer skincare. But if your usual cream is feeling too dense to apply when we are experiencing 30+ degree days, then you might prefer swapping for a light lotion or even a body milk that absorbs easily and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky rather than hot and sticky.

    Protect your eyes -

    One of the first places we see premature signs of ageing is around our eyes. Fines lines and wrinkles appear in this delicate part of our face, so remember to protect your eyes... the bigger the glasses the better. Think close fitting, wrap-arounds to maximise UV protection. 

    It's also worthwhile considering a specific eye serum to use overnight to help replenish and rejuvenate. 

    Lighten your make-up

    Using heavy foundations and multiple layers of concealer can reduce your skin's ability to breathe, so summer is the perfect time to reduce the amount of make-up products you use on your skin. It definitely saves you from feeling like your make-up is melting off when you are hot and sweaty!


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