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  • Sage Loves Camellia Oil

    Sage Loves Camellia Oil

    Derived from one of the world's most propagated plant species, the Camellia oleifera is an evergreen tree that annually bears an abundance of fruit seeds in autumn. Followed by an impressive spread of fragrant white and red flowers in late winter. But it is the seed that are prized. Once gathered, they are cold pressed and turned into what some describe as a 'miracle oil'.

    This miracle oil, Camellia oil has been cultivated extensively for many centuries in China and other regions of Asia. Many believed that the Camellia originated in Japan. However, it actually appeared about a thousand years earlier in China.

    In China, the Camellia plant is known as a symbol of wealth and was regarded as the Emperor oil for many generations, In Japan, Camellia oil has been attributed to the youthfulness and beauty of the Geishas, only a few drops a day helped them maintain ageless skin and lustrous hair.

    The Camellia species is a highly versatile plant family. While Camellia oleifera seeds are harvested for oil, its close relative Camellia sinensis is harvested for tea leaves; oolong black tea, jasmine, green tea and white tea.

    As a cosmetic oil, Camellia oil's viscosity is very thin enabling it to be absorbed faster than most oils, but more importantly it is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin and hair follicles delivering nutrients that help the skin maintain a youthful appearance and the hair a healthy shine and gloss. Its fatty acid composition is extremely high in Oleic acid (75-87%). Oleic acid is the main fatty acid found in human sebum, and contributes to the rejuvenation of collagen and elastin.

    For skin, the application of Camellia oil can result in nourishing the cell membranes, replenishing skin lipids and accelerating skin rejuvenation. It exhibits remarkable antioxidants activity, protects from UV damage and acts as an agent to prevent free radical related deterioration.

    With ongoing use, individuals notice an added softness and reduction in dryness and tight feeling skin. Other benefits include a gradual reduction in fine wrinkles, potential disappearance of freckles, stretch marks and age-spots. It may also improve the condition of acne-prone or inflamed skin. 

    When included in haircare products, individuals notice their hair becomes softer, healthier and often fuller within weeks. The oil's ability to penetrate deeply to the hair follicle can also support increased hair growth activity. 

    Camellia oil is an important oil for natural skincare formulators and can provide rewarding results in anti-ageing and haircare products. We encourage you to embrace the benefits of this wonderful oil!

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