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  • Sage Loves Cedarwood Atlas Oil

    Sage Loves Cedarwood Atlas Oil
    A sweet balsamic note and long lasting aroma makes rich Cedarwood Atlas oil a popular choice for aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. 
    High in the mountains of Morocco, plantations of Cedarwood trees tower above the ground and grow for many years before they are processed to produce the warm essential oil we know and love.
    Cedrus atlantica is native to the Atlas Mountain ranges that span from south western Morocco through to Algeria and into eastern Tunisia. Forests of cedar span many mountain-sides throughout the tip of the African continent between 1000 and 2000 metres above sea level. The evergreen trees grow to approximately 40 metres in height and develop a solid trunk up to 2 metres in diameter.
    The plantation and development of Cedarwood Atlas trees is controlled by the Moroccan state. The primary industry for plantation trees is the manufacture of furniture or hand carved art work. Morocco is famous for its marquetry and other traditional handicrafts that feature the straight fine grain of cedar wood and government regulation of wood production ensures longevity of these industries.
    The amber coloured oil is extracted from by-product wood chips and sawdust. The chips are sourced directly from furniture fabricators or artisan hand carvers. Steam distillation is the method of extraction and it takes approximately 40 kilograms of wood material to produce 1 kilogram of essential oil. 
    Cedarwood Atlas oil is popular in many different applications as it offers both wonderful aromatherapeutic properties as well as recognisable cosmetic benefits.
    In perfumery, it imparts a deep base note that resonates well with many precious floral oils such as jasmine, rose or neroli. It appeals to both men and women, so is often included in unisex fragrances. It is an economical alternative to Sandalwood oil, thus making it a cost effective ingredient for essential oil blends. It offers a resonating scent that grounds and balances a blend. It can also act as a fixative for other scent notes that might normally dissipate quickly. 
    Natural cosmetics benefit from the astringent properties of Cedarwood Atlas oil. It is ideal for use in creams or lotions for oily skin types and can be added to cleansers to help minimise blemishes and breakouts. 
    When incorporated in men's aftershave products it helps reduce pore size and improves overall complexion by gently softening the skin. In haircare, cedarwood is a great hair tonic and can help reduce the occurrence of conditions such as dandruff or other scalp irritations. 
    We love that Cedarwood Atlas oil has the ability to relieve stress, tension and other anxiety related ailments. It soothes and calms the nervous system and can intensify concentration and focus during meditation. When used in massage applications it can alleviate muscular aches and pains and can even help ease minor cold and flu symptoms. We encourage you to try this wonderful oil and feel the warmth today!
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