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  • Sage Loves Geranium Oil

    Sage Loves Geranium Oil

    The richly fertile Nile Delta stretches from south of Cairo to the Mediterranean Sea. It is an agricultural paradise for many different crop farmers and it is this region that produces sweet, luxurious Geranium essential oil

    The Pelargonium graveolens plant is native to countries on the southern tip of the African continent. It is believed that plant cuttings were exported from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa to Europe around 1690. Initially popular in Great Britain, it was subsequently introduced to the south of France where the perfumery industry, in Grasse, embraced the new aromatic.

    From France, it was re-exported across the French colonies in North Africa during the mid-1800’s. It was particularly successful in Algeria, before it was finally introduced to Egypt in the 1930’s. Since this time, despite experiencing some interruption to production during the Nasser coup d’état in the 1950’s, Egypt has grown to become the world leader in geranium essential oil.

    The whole aerial part of the plant is utilised for essential oil production and approximately 1½ to 2 tonnes of fresh plant material is required to extract 1 kilogram of essential oil via steam distillation. Post distillation the remaining plant matter is composted and utilised on the farms.

    With a rich, sweet scent that is reminiscent of rose, Geranium is an exception aromatic ingredient. It performs superbly when blended with many different notes, including citruses, florals and woods. 

    Aromatherapeutically it is recognised for its ability to balance the body’s systems. It supports the female cycle and can offer a tonic effect when feeling congested. When incorporated in massage, the oil can improve lymphatic function and help minimise fluid retention. 

    In natural skincare products, Geranium is a beneficial cleansing oil that balances sebum production and helps keep the skin soft and supple. It offers a strong scent profile that is perfect for moisturisers, body washes and even soap formulations.

    Why not include Geranium oil in your next blend… we know you’ll love it!

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