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  • Sage Loves Jasmine Oil

    Sage Loves Jasmine Oil

    Jasmine is believed to have its origins in the foothills of the Himalayas. Indian, Persian and Arab traders of the time travelled overland from Asia to the Middle East and it was first introduced to Egypt in the mid-7th century. Its alluring aroma enhanced Jasmine's popularity throughout the Mediterranean and it was subsequently grown across the entire region.

    Indian Hindu culture commonly used the flowers in religious events and adorned shrines to their gods with the soft white petals. In China, the gentle flower symbolised femininity and was used in many traditional medicinal remedies. Pakistan, Tunisia and Indonesia all claimed a species of Jasmine as their national flower demonstrating the extent to which the plant travelled across the globe and the long-lasting connection the flower has with many different cultures.

    Originally known by the Persians as 'yasmin', the modern name evolved from the French 'jasmin' used during the 15th century. It wasn't until the middle of the 16th century that the English work, Jasmine, first appeared.

    Today, the richly aromatic Jasmine oil is a highly sought after perfumery component and has been a key ingredient for some of the most famous fragrance design houses such as Guerlain, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Dior.

    Perfumery is recognised as the primary industry that utilises jasmine. However, its popularity within aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, food flavouring and even candle industries is increasing. 

    It exudes an intense warm floral aroma with sweet fruit and tea undertones. In an essential oils blend the strong middle to base note resonates deeply and can be used in very small quantities to achieve wonderful results. 

    If offers considerable relief to the nervous system when experiencing anxiety and restlessness. It is also recognised for its comforting support of female emotions and is heralded as one of the most useful oils for women.

    In natural skincare, jasmine not only provides a delightful scent to a product but can also assist in reducing the irritation of dry skin. When used in combination with lavender and neroli it can improve skin elasticity and is also helpful for softening stretch marks and reducing the appearance of scars.

    Embrace the beauty of Jasmine oil in your next product formulation!

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