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  • Sage Loves Lemon Scented Tea Tree

    Sage Loves Lemon Scented Tea Tree

    Lemon Scented Tea Tree is a powerful, cleansing, uplifting and lively Australian native essential oil. It originates from the bush rainforests of Australia's east coast and is a robust, hardy plant species. 

    Similar to the melaleuca tea tree family, Leptospermum petersonii can grow well in a variety of environments including wetlands or riverbanks, sandy soil, rock outcrops of amongst towering eucalypts in the outback forests. 

    The botanical name is derived from the Greek 'Leptos' meaning fine or slender and 'Sperma' meaning seed,. It is believed that Australian settlers utilised this and other tea tree species as herbal tea remedies to ward off illness.

    In the early 1900's it was first recognised for its essential oil content due to its bright lemony aroma. In the 1940's the oil was highlighted in the Australian Phytochemical Survey and was the subject of some interest for its antibacterial benefits. Chemical constituents such as geranial and citronellal found in the oil have made it popular across many industries.

    Vivid and intense, the aroma of Lemon Scented Tea Tree oil is unique and highly appealing. While not a traditional perfume note, the sweet, lemony tones will enhance an essential oil blend designed to clear the mind and improve concentration.

    When incorporated into natural cleaning products, the oil offers strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and will help keep your environment free from germs. Vaporising around the home or office will also assist in maintaining a fresh, deodorised atmosphere.

    Aromatherapeutically, Lemon Scented Tea Tree supports the respiratory system and can help reduce stuffy symptoms of cold and flu. It can also strengthen the immune system and when combined with rosemary it can fortify the whole body.

    The oil's cleansing ability is also extremely appealing in personal care products. Shower gel, hand wash and soap will all benefit from its addition, while the dazzling aroma will create a revitalising aromatic sensation, When included in facial cleansers the oil can help minimise spots and breakouts but formulate with low percentages to ensure a balanced aroma profile.

    Embrace the vibrancy and energy of Lemon Scented Tea Tree oil today!

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