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  • Sage Loves Macadamia Oil

    Sage Loves Macadamia Oil

    Known as Kindal Kindal to some Indigenous Australians, the Macadamia is now recognised the world over as a delicacy and has become one of the country's most successfully developed native plant commercial crops. 

    Centuries ago, the nomadic nature of Indigenous life allowed for many Kindal Kindal wild harvests along the eastern strip of the Great Dividing Range. During autumn a community would congregate in an area densely populated with trees and gather the nuts as they fell.

    Today, macadamia nuts are harvested in Australia from March through until September. Mechanical harvesting units are driven between rows of trees collecting the fallen macadamias, which are sent to factories for dehusking, drying and initial storage. 

    Drying is an important step in the production, as it reduces the nuts moisture contect from around 20% down to just 1.5%. At the time of harvet the kernel fills the entire shell but after drying, the kernel will have significantly shrunk, which enables the shell to be cracked without any internal damage.

    Macadamia oil is extracted from the white kernel. In the cold press extraction method, a steel expeller screw press is used. Although some heat is created by the press friction in the carefully engineered equipment, the actual nuts are not pre-cooked so all the natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and other nutrients are retained in the oil.

    While commonly used in culinary applications due to its high heat stability and pleasant nutty flavour, the demand for macadamia oil in the cosmetic industry is ever increasing. 

    High in monounsaturated fatty acids and palmitoleic acid, this golden coloured oil offers wonderful moisturising properties to skincare products. 

    Closely resembling natural skin sebum, it promotes a soft and supple complexion, while enhancing skin elasticity and offering anti-ageing effects. It is also recognised for its soothing and healing properties which are beneficial for scar tissue and sunburn.

    Its easy skin penetration makes it ideal for massage applications and will leave your skin feeling velvety and smooth.

    We love Macadamia Oil and invite you to try it in your own skincare products today. We know the results will impress you.


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