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  • Sage Loves Mandarin Oil

    Sage Loves Mandarin Oil

    Mandarins are synonymous with cheerfulness... their sweet flesh bursts with tasty juice and their peel produces delightful, delicate essential oil.

    The mandarin has its origins in China, where it was given its name to honour members of the Imperial court. The fruit represented good fortune and was often used for medicinal purposes. Today, it is still utilised during Chinese New Year celebrations as gifts or decorations and has retained its significance as a traditional symbol.

    Mandarin was one of many citrus plants introduced by the First Fleet in 1788, yet it wasn't harvested as a commercial crop in Australia until the mid-1800s. The majority of our Citrus Reticulata crop harvest is allocated to the fresh food industry. However, there is a strong and ever present demand for the bright, sweetly scented mandarin essential oil.

    The mandarin tree is most successful in Subtropical or Mediterranean climates. Here in Australia we are lucky to have both such environments which enable the fruit to be grown in a variety of locations across the country.

    The winter harvest commences early in the morning and continues throughout the cool day. A single picker can collect up to 1.5tonnes of fruit per day and the fruit is separated into two basic grades; fruit for the whole fruit industry and fruit for juicing and essential oil extraction.

    To produce a kilo of essential oil between 700 and 800 kilograms of mandarin fruit must be processed. Along with the essential oil, approximately 350-400 kilograms of fresh mandarin juice is also extracted. The essential oil is a useful bi-product and provides growers and processors added value to the fruit harvest.

    Cosmetically, Mandarin oil is recognised for its skin softening properties and is ideal for use in creams, lotions and body butters. It can assist in reducing the appearance of stretch marks or scars and is an effective ingredient in toning body oil. Mandarin is also regularly used in facial cleansers as it removes congestion and minimises oily skin breakouts. And it is reputed to be gentle enough to use with children and is often incorporated in natural baby-care products.

    If you haven't used it before... now is the perfect time for you to try Mandarin essential oil. We know you'll love it!

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