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  • Sage Loves Rosemary Oil

    Sage Loves Rosemary Oil

    Rosemary is a robust perennial herb that originates from the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea. European countries such as Greece, Italy, France and Spain, along with North African countries, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco all have a deep history of utilising Rosemary in different cultural applications.

    The name Rosemary is derived from the Latin words ros and marinus. Simply translated this means 'dew of the sea' which is a fitting title given its inclination to grow along the shore. 

    In Greek mythology, it is said that the goddess Aphrodite was adorned in the herb's greenery and ancient Greek scholars wore Rosemary head wreaths to improve their memory. 

    The plant's connection to commemoration has been present for centuries across many cultures. From Ancient Egyptians to English aristocracy, sprigs have been laid on coffins during burial ceremonies. Here in Australia, we remember our fallen soldiers by wearing Rosemary on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. 

    There's even a reference to the herb in Shakespeare's play Hamlet. It features the quote from Ophelia, "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember."

    Harvesting Rosemary sees all the aerial portion of the plant removed, this includes the stem, leaves and flowers. This plant material is steam distilled and on average it takes between 120 to 200 kilograms of raw plant matter to obtain 1 kilogram of the stimulating essential oil.

    Rosemary oil has a clean, penetrating aromatic note that is somewhat similar to Eucalyptus. It is vibrant and enlivening, making it perfect for vaporising to clear the atmosphere. It is a common choice when developing natural cold and flu remedies as it provides significant benefit when used for inhalation or as a balm ingredient. 

    It offers an excellent astringent action and is suitable for cleansing body gels or facial toners. In haircare products, Rosemary promotes healthy growth and improved scalp condition. It's also ideal for men's aftershave products, especially when paired with citrus notes such as Lime or Lemon

    We love the naturally fresh aromatic profile of Rosemary essential oil... and we know you'll love it too! 

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