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  • Sage Loves Sandalwood Oil

    Sage Loves Sandalwood Oil

    During the 1840's Sandalwood was a primary export earner for Western Australia. Wood was sold throughout Asia for decades resulting in over 300,000 tonnes being exported by the early 20th Century. In 1919 the first fully operational manufacturing plant was established to produce oil for a variety of industries including European perfume, luxury soap and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Initially only capable of producing crude oil with a low santalol content, it was believed that Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) was second-rate in comparison to Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album).

    But in the 1920's improvements in production and scientific control meant that higher quality oil, with higher santalol levels, became available. This advancement led to the inclusion of Australian oil in pharmacopoeias on Britain, France, Belgium and Japan.

    Throughout this era, medicinal Australian Sandalwood was used internally and externally and was recognised for being just as effective as the imported Indian oil. In time though, the introduction of antibiotics into the medical world, meant that medicinal Sandalwood became obsolete and after a gradual decrease in demand, production ceased in the mid-1960's. 

    It wasn't until the end of the '90's that Sandalwood was brought back into the economic mix due to its popularity within the aromatherapy, cosmetic and perfume industries. 

    Australian Sandalwood oil is extracted through the steam distillation method. Once a sandalwood tree is harvested, the bark and leaves are removed and the remaining parts of the tree are divided into roots, butts and logs. When this is complete, the wood is chipped to enable the extraction process.

    Demand for this impressive oil continues to increase. Research is proving that the Australian oil has highly beneficial antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory effects due to its unique chemical components. 

    Sandalwood is a truly incredible oil and we encourage you embrace its benefits in your next natural cosmetic formulation.

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