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  • Self Love Bath Soak Recipe

    Self Love Bath Soak Recipe

    In case you haven't noticed, we're all about showing yourself love and kindness. Small acts of self-love can make a big difference to your outlook on life and ability to cope with challenges you face. 

    We've created this recipe to help you be #selfcaregoals and take your pampering to the next level! A bath is an incredible way to nurture not only your skin, sore muscles and wash off a bad day... but can create the perfect atmosphere to still the mind and soothe the soul.

    Featuring the comforting benefits of roses, this recipe is pure luxury. Milk powder creates a gorgeous soothing bath experience and your dried flowers make this an instagrammable event. Let the aromatherapeutic benefits of Geranium, Patchouli and Rose oil bring you comfort, positivity, self love and acceptance while Jojoba oil gives your skin a nourishing treat.

    Pimp your bathtime affair with candles, a good book, soothing tunes, a cuppa or some bubbles. Be extra, you deserve it.

    Ingredient Amount Properties
    Epsom Salts 110g High in magnesium, relieves tension.
    Milk Powder 55g Softening and soothing on skin
    Jojoba oil 6mL Balances sebum, nourishes skin.
    Rose oil 2mL Comforting, promotes self love.
    Geranium oil
    Balances emotions, elevates the spirit.
    Patchouli oil
    Grounding, tranquil and balancing.
    Dried Lavender Flowers
    Mild aroma, creates luxurious aesthetic.
    Dried Rose Petals
    Mild aroma, creates luxurious aesthetic.

    Step 1: Measure Epsom Salts into a bowl and remove any lumps with a spoon.

    Step 2: Add Milk Powder into Epsom Salts and mix well.

    Step 3: Add Jojoba oil and mix well to ensure oil is dispersed evenly.  

    Step 4: Add Essential oils, mix well.

    Step 5: Add dried flowers and petals and mix in gently.

    Step 6: Dispense into jars.

    Makes approx. 2 x 100g Jars.

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