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  • Spring Floral Essential Oils

    Spring Floral Essential Oils

    As the season turns, bringing Spring to our part of the world, we’re once again inspired by nature. With the hope of warmer weather and a little rain, we anticipate new growth, greenery and blooms galore. Nothing says Spring like flowers so today we celebrate using Floral essential oils in our natural skincare.

    Floral essential oils offer something luxurious and potent to a natural cosmetic, whether they be anti-ageing face creams, serums, natural perfumes, bath or pampering products. Most have strong and almost hypnotic scents that evoke feelings of femininity, romance and comfort. Florals lend themselves perfectly to facial products as they have both a strong affinity for women and the skin, providing superior benefits. 

    Neroli oil
    With a haunting scent that has you going back for more, Neroli is a gorgeous floral essential oil. Extracted from the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree, it is often used in perfumery to create a refined and mature aroma. Neroli is an anti-ageing oil that is known to have cytophylactic properties, facilitating the healthy turnover of skin cells. Appropriate for all skin types, particularly mature, dry and sensitive, it is the perfect addition to moisturisers and serums alike.

    Rose oil
    Rose oil is the ultimate feminine scent with its rich and deep floral aroma that is both long lasting and resonating. It instantly turns any fragrance or skincare product into a luxurious experience. We love Rose for its deep connection with the female body and mind, offering comfort and support in the darkest of days. Offering skincare benefits such as hydration, softening and smoothing, it can be used in a variety of preparations, particularly for mature skin, or those prone to redness. Our favourite property of Rose is its ability to support self-love and confidence, and who couldn’t use a little more of those?!

    Geranium oil
    The ultimate balancing oil, Geranium provides equilibrium to the mind, body and skin, making it a versatile essential oil for your collection. With a sweet and rich aroma that blends well with a variety of oils, in can easily be incorporated into blends for the vaporiser, natural perfumes or to scent your natural skincare. Geranium balances skin sebum, making it appropriate for all skin types, and a popular and effective ingredient in facial products. With a cleansing and circulatory stimulating action, it can ease congestion and refresh a dull and lifeless complexion.

    Ylang Ylang oil
    Ylang Ylang is an exotic oil that really stands out within the floral family. With a hint of something unusual that brings a sense of mystery and intrigue, this oil adds opulence and luxury to your blends. With a romantic feel, Ylang Ylang is a great aroma to wear out in the evening, or vaporise in the bedroom. Skincare products with Ylang Ylang provide a skin balancing effect much like Geranium, with a completely different scent profile. Incorporate this oil in hair products, facial care and natural perfumes and essential oil blends for something truly unique.

    Most floral essential oils require a large volume of plant material to produce just a small amount of essential oil. For this reason, they are considered “precious oils” and have a price point that reflects this. We offer our premium florals at a 3% dilution to provide these fine ingredients at an affordable price, as the properties of these favoured oils are too good to be missed.

    Celebrate Spring with us and Shop our Floral oils now:
    3% Neroli oil in Jojoba
    3% Rose absolute in Jojoba
    Geranium oil
    Ylang Ylang oil

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