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  • To Tone or Not To Tone

    To Tone or Not To Tone

    Do you tone? Or is it something that hasn't quite made it into your regular beauty routine? Some people swear by it and others don't give it a second thought. Here at Sage, we love a good tone so today we are going to discuss it in more detail.

    What does toning do to your skin?

    The primary purpose of toning is to help balance the pH of your skin. It can revitalise a dull or sullen complexion and help minimise oiliness. It is also a useful step to calm your skin after cleansing and prepare it for applying a moisturiser. 

    Toners can rehydrate your skin which helps to improve skin elasticity, tighten pores and create a smooth, supple texture. Regular use can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    When should you tone?

    Ideally you should tone once a day... but you can decide whether to do it in the morning or evening.

    If you incorporate it as part of your morning routine, it is a great way to freshen your face, ready for the day ahead. Tone directly after cleansing and follow it with a day cream and your favourite sunscreen.

    When you tone as part of your evening routine, it will perform best after you've removed your makeup and before you apply any oil serum or night-time moisturiser. The toner will help prepare your skin to easily absorb all the wonderful nutrients in your restorative products.

    Can you make your own toner?

    ABSOLUTELY! You can certainly make your own natural toner... in fact we teach you how in our Facial Care - Morning Routine workshop. It's an easy to make product that is totally customisable to suit your own skin type.

    Book your ticket to our next session and we'll show you how.


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