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Leucidal 25mL

Leucidal 25mL

INCI name
Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate 

Leucidal is a natural preservative derived from the filtrate of fermented radishes. It is used to restrict the grown of microbes in cosmetic products, particularly bacteria and fungi. It is a water soluble ingredient, heat stable up to 70°C. It is colourless and odourless and most active in a pH range between 3 and 8. 

Cosmetic benefits
Preservatives usually play a singular role in protecting a product against microbial growth, however Leucidal has the added benefit of contributing to the moisturising capabilities of an emulsion, improving the product’s efficacy. 

Formulation types
Leucidal can be used in a wide range of cosmetic formulations including creams, lotions, body butters, room sprays, toners and more. 

% Use in formulation
Recommended use 2%-4%. It is commonly paired with Phytocide Elderberry to create a robust natural preserving system, protecting against a wide range of microbes. 

None known. 

Recipes & applications


Suggested recipes are provided as examples only. Whilst all care has been taken in creating these examples, Sage Cosmetic Coaching accepts no responsibility relating to the manufacture of products. Any responsibility for the performance, efficacy and stability of the product lies with the manufacturer.

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