Natural Cream Base Recipe

A delightful mid-weight emulsion that can be customised with essential oils and other active ingredients to create a lovely moisturising face or body product.

Ingredient Amount Description
Demineralised Water 80% UV Treated – free from bacteria.
OliveM Emulsifier 6% Forms bond between water & oil molecules.
Sunflower oil 5% Moisturising, light consistency, stable.
Almond Sweet oil 4% Emollient, softening, fast penetrating.
Vitamin E Natural 1% Anti-oxidant, softening, soothes & cools.
Leucidal 2.5% Broad-spectrum preservative.
Phytocide Elderberry 1.5% Broad-spectrum preservative.

Step 1:
Measure water into vessel and heat to 70°C maximum. 

Step 2: Measure Carrier oils & Emulsifier into another vessel and heat to 70°C maximum.

Step 3: Once both have reached the same temperature, add oil phase to water, emulsify for approximately 5 minutes using hand blender in short bursts.

Step 4: Cool emulsion to approx. 50°C, add Vitamin E, mix for 1 minute with hand blender to ensure thorough dispersion.

Step 5: Add preservatives and mix for 1 final minute.

Step 6: Spoon off into jars and leave to cool before closing the lid.


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