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  • Aromatic Family Essential Oils

    Aromatic Family Essential Oils

    All essential oils can be classified by their olfactive family. We discuss this topic in our Natural Scent Blending Workshop where we talk about Citrus oils, Florals, Woody and Green scents... but today we want to focus on the Aromatic Family. 

    The Aromatic Family is a broad group of oils with a varied range of key constituents. Unlike some of the other families with really obvious scent similarities, Aromatic Family essential oils offer real scent diversity. But they do share aroma profiles that are strong and resonating with fresh, clean notes. They are some of the most recognisable and popular oils used in aromatherapy.

    Essential oils in this group have very distinct actions on the mind and body. They have highly functional constituents that can support health and wellbeing, such as encouraging calm and relaxation or uplifting the spirit and reinvigorating the psyche. 

    Chamomile essential oil
    Chamomile has a strong, warm, potent aroma with subtle fruit notes and herbaceous undertones. It is renowned for its soothing properties and is an excellent oil to promote pease and relaxation. It can calm the mind and encourage restful sleep.

    When incorporated in skincare products, Chamomile offers cleansing properties while improving elasticity and reducing redness.

    Eucalyptus essential oil
    A deeply penetrating aromatic essential oil, with a powerful scent, Eucalyptus can quickly clear the mind and refresh the body. It improves concentration and can help cool the environment when feeling hot and flustered. 

    Recognised for its antibacterial properties it is a great addition to cleansing products such as shower gel or hand wash.

    Lavender essential oil
    Lavender is by far the most popular essential oil in aromatherapy. It has a scent that is immediately recognisable. The clean, light aroma helps to soothe the spirit, alleviate anger and encourage a calm state of mind.

    In skincare applications, it provides valuable balancing properties that help improve the complexion and keep skin looking healthy. 

    Rosemary essential oil
    Rosemary oil's aroma profile is strong and clear. The Cineole content makes it somewhat reminiscent of Eucalyptus. It can stimulate mental capacity and is great for memory and concentration. Plus, it is often used in cold and flu remedies.

    On the skin, the oil imparts an astringent action making it ideal for cleansers or toning products. It is also a popular haircare ingredient.

    Tea Tree essential oil
    The Australian native has a distinctively clean, stimulating aroma. It is heralded for its antiseptic properties and is an excellent inclusion in natural first aid kits. 

    When utilised in cosmetic formulations, it is a powerful cleanser that can help minimise breakouts and blemishes. It is also an ideal ingredient for foot-care products. 

    Blending with Aromatics
    All Aromatic Family oils are suitable for use in essential oil blends. Most perform as top to middle notes and can be paired with Citrus, Herbaceous and Woody aromas. Why not try some of these blends in your vaporiser...

    Good Morning 
    Rosemary oil - 3 drops
    Lemon oil - 5 drops
    Petitgrain oil - 2 drops

    Sleep Well
    Lavender oil - 3 drops
    Chamomile oil - 3 drops
    Orange Sweet oil - 4 drops

    Fresh & Clean
    Eucalyptus oil - 3 drops
    Lime oil - 5 drops
    Peppermint oil - 2 drops

    If you'd like to find out more about Aromatics... or any other essential oil olfactive family then join us at our next Scent Blending Workshop where you'll learn how to create a wonderful balanced essential oil blend. We hope to see you soon!

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