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  • Choc Orange Lip Balm Recipe

    Choc Orange Lip Balm Recipe

    Every noticed how your lips are the first thing to be effected by the cold and the wind? That's because the skin on your lips is the most fragile part of your body. By using a lip balm, you can keep them nourished and protected, and this delicious recipe is the perfect remedy!

    Balms contain butters and waxes which not only provide nutrients, but also form a protective barrier to lock in moisture and shield your skin from the elements. We've included Castor and Avocado oil for an extra punch of hydration and Vitamin E to enhance the healing and soothing properties.

    Enjoy our play on a favourite confection, without the calories, while protecting your precious kissers!

    Ingredient Amount Description
    Beeswax 4g Humectant, nourishing, hardening & thickening.
    Cocoa Butter 12g Enriches product, thickens, softening & nourishing.
    Castor oil 30g Emollient, protective, nutrient rich.
    Avocado oil 9g Moisturising, rich in vitamins, soothing.
    Natural Vitamin E 1g Anti-oxidant, softening, soothing & healing.
    Orange Sweet oil 5 drops Softening, brightening, uplifting aroma.

    Step 1: Measure out Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Castor and Avocado oil in a beaker or similar vessel.

    Step 2: Heat gently in a double boiler until all wax and butter is melted.

    Step 3: Take off heat and stir gently for 1-2 minutes before adding final ingredients.

    Step 4: Add Vitamin E, mix well.

    Step 5: Add Orange oil, mix well.

    Step 6: While still liquid, pour into approx. 5 x 10g lip balm pots and let completely cool before putting lids on.

    Apply lip balm liberally and enjoy!

    Suggested recipes are provided as examples only. Whilst all care has been taken in creating these examples, Sage Cosmetic Coaching accepts no responsibility relating to the manufacture of products. Any responsibility for the performance, efficacy and stability of the product lies with the manufacturer.
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