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  • Essential Oil Vaporising

    Essential Oil Vaporising

    Embracing the art of essential oil vaporising is a wonderful way to surround yourself with aromas to boost your mood, cultivate serenity or help you achieve crystal clear focus for work.

    What is vaporising?
    Vaporising is one of the simplest ways to enjoy aromatherapy and to promote good health and a sense of wellbeing. All that is required is a device, such as an electric oil vaporiser and a selection of essential oils.

    Gently warming the oils releases the aromatic plant molecules into the air, which are subsequently inhaled as your breathe. These molecules are absorbed through the olfactory system and travel to the limbic system in the brain which controls our basic emotions and instincts. The overall effects are subtle, yet extremely beneficial.

    Which oils should I vaporise?
    We recommend only choosing quality pure or organic essential oils (not synthetic or fragrance oil) for achieving a true aroma-therapeutic benefit.

    Essential oils can be vaporised anywhere you wish to enhance or influence the environment, such as at home or in the workplace. Every essential oil offers varying and distinctive benefits. So when making your selection, start by considering the overall effect you wish to achieve and then creatively pair the oils according to their properties and to the space. Some scents will kick start your morning or settle your mind before bedtime; others help in promoting open communication, diffusing stress, or improving concentration and focus. Vaporising a single oil is certainly a great place to start and the effects are excellent when used alone.

    Here are a few suggestions to try;

    - Orange Sweet or Grapefruit oil in the kitchen to brighten your mornings
    - Lavender or Chamomile in the bedroom for a restful night sleep
    - Jasmine or Ylang Ylang over a candle lit dinner to encourage romance
    - Rosemary or Peppermint in your office for clarity of thinking.

    As you build you oil collection, try experimenting with the composition to achieve more synergistic effects. Consider the balance of top (citrus), middle (floral) and base (wood) notes and mix and match to create your own truly impressive aromatic experience.

    A quick and easy way to decide whether the combination will be appealing is to select the oils you with to blend, and lightly waft the opened bottles under your nose as you inhale. If the blend is pleasing, go ahead and add drops to the vaporiser. 

    We encourage you to enrich your life by vaporising and using essential oils every day! Join us for our Natural Scent Blending workshop to learn more.

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