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3% Chamomile Roman in Jojoba 5mL

3% Chamomile Roman in Jojoba 5mL
  • 3% Chamomile Roman in Jojoba 5mL
  • 3% Chamomile Roman in Jojoba 5mL

Botanical name
Simmondsia chinensis oil & Anthemis nobilis L.

Steam distilled

Plant part
Flowering tops

Aromatic description
Sweet, slightly dry aroma with fruity apple tones
Aromatic olfactive family
Middle note

Blends well with
Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, Ylang Ylang.

Emotional & spiritual benefits
Helps to calm the mind, soothe worries and fretful feelings. Used to alleviate anger and dispel fear. It is particularly useful before bed to ease into a peaceful night’s sleep. When you’re feeling impatient or uptight, it brings peace and a sense of still.

Cosmetic benefits
Known for its calming benefits, Chamomile is helpful for soothing the irritation of dry skin. It can be beneficial where there is sensitivity, puffiness and redness. It strengthens tissue, improves elasticity and evens out discolouration, so is ideal for use in anti-ageing preparations. It is gentle enough for children, sensitive and dry skin types.

Formulation types
Chamomile can be included in a variety of skin preparations, from creams, salves, balms, essential oil blends, serums, massage oil, bath products and haircare. It is appropriate for use for children, sensitive and dry conditions. Ideal for night creams, healing balms and relaxation or sleepy time blends.

% Use in formulation
See our Essential Oil Safety Guide for more information.

Avoid in early pregnancy. Some people may be allergic.

Recipes & applications

Suggested recipes are provided as examples only. Whilst all care has been taken in creating these examples, Sage Cosmetic Coaching accepts no responsibility relating to the manufacture of products. Any responsibility for the performance, efficacy and stability of the product lies with the manufacturer.

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