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  • Natural Ingredients Your Hair Will Love

    Natural Ingredients Your Hair Will Love

    We talk a lot about natural skincare here at Sage... body scrubs, face serums, clay masks and moisturisers. But, we also understand the importance of nourishing your locks with quality haircare products... so today we are going to highlight some of the key natural ingredients that your hair will love!

    Carrier Oils are full of beneficial vitamins, anti-oxidants and fatty acids that can help keep your hair soft and smooth. You can apply them directly to your scalp, working down your strands to the tips. 

    Avocado oil - rich in potassium and magnesium and can help lock in hair's moisture. It is believed to reduce the occurrence of split ends while boosting natural shine and elasticity. 

    Castor oil - while its thicker viscosity might seem unusual for hair application, it is great for helping to nourish the scalp. It can support hair growth and improve shine. A perfect choice for drier hair.

    Macadamia oil - absorbs easily and almost immediately helps to reduce frizziness. The oil's natural oleic and palmitoleic fatty acid content make it calming and smoothing, while encouraging moisture retention.   

    Essential oils also offer an impressive array of haircare benefits. Not only do they add delightful aromatic properties but they can also cleanse, balance and improve the appearance of all hair types. 

    Chamomile oil - softens, strengthens and increases your hair's natural shine. Often recommended for blonde, bleached or sun-kissed locks. It is also helpful in calming scalp conditions.

    Rosemary oil - with a deep cleansing action, this is an excellent oil for shampoos and conditioners. It encourages growth, stimulates and cleanses the scalp and is particularly beneficial for darker hair. 

    Ylang Ylang oil - balances natural sebum production and supports a thicker, healthier head of hair. It can help minimise breakage and promotes lustre and shine, while reducing scalp flakiness or dryness.

    Including Vitamin E in your haircare formulations is also a good idea as it can enhance scalp circulation and reduce localised cell damage. 

    If you want to learn more about Natural Haircare Products then why not join us at our next workshop? We'd love to welcome you to the Sage Studio soon.

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