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  • Sage Loves Chamomile Oil

    Sage Loves Chamomile Oil

    Roman Chamomile oil is world-famous for its emotional and physiological soothing benefits. It has been used as a successful natural remedy for nausea, nervous conditions and sleeplessness for hundreds of years. And in skincare it offers wonderful calming properties.

    Chamomile is native to Southern and Western Europe and the Northern parts of Africa but has been cultivated throughout the entire European continent and the Americas.

    The name 'chamomile' is derived from the Greek. It roughly translates to 'ground apple' and is aptly named as the plant possesses a unique aroma, somewhat similar to the apple fruit. In Spanish, chamomile is called manzanilla, or little apple, also referring to the plant's scent.

    The Anthemis nobilis species was given the common name of Roman Chamomile by a 19th century botanist who found the plant growing within the Roman Colosseum.

    Chamomile has been utilised in natural remedies for centuries. Documented uses date back to ancient Egyptian times when the plant was used in ceremonies to honour their gods and alleviate common ailments. 

    To produce the aromatic oil, chamomile flowers are combined in large stainless steel vessels and subjected to the steam distillation process. The resulting water and oil mixture is condensed through a heat-exchanger vapour-tube and further processed through specific gravity separation units to isolate the oil.

    Approximately 60 kilograms of fresh chamomile flowers are used to produce 1 kilogram of the wonderful essential oil. The warm, herbaceous aroma has delightful fruity apple notes. It blends beautifully with citrus oils such as orange, lemon and bergamot as well as florals such as lavender, rose and neroli. The complex oil comprises of over 40 different chemical constituents creating its truly unique aromatic profile and aromatherapeutic benefits.

    In skincare it offers significant soothing and calming properties. It is commonly employed to minimise the irritation of dry skin and can relieve burns and blisters. It is an effective skin cleanser and toner and also assists with blemish control. In anti-ageing products chamomile can improve skin elasticity and also reduce puffiness and the appearance of broken capillaries.

    There are many other benefits of chamomile. It provides substantial relaxation properties... making it ideal for use in essential oil blends promoting a peaceful night's sleep as its calming nature alleviates tension and allows the mind to release the day's stress.

    Roman Chamomile is also recognised as a suitable essential oil to use with children. It can be incorporated in products to offer skincare benefits and emotional support for children who are irritable and restless.

    We love the incredible properties of chamomile oil... try it today and we know you experience positive results too!


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