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  • The Magic of Massage

    The Magic of Massage

    Integrating regular massages into a hectic lifestyle may seem like a challenge, but the abundant benefits make it worth the effort! 

    Many health experts will agree that most ailments can be linked to stress. Stress manifests internally within our body systems or can be brought on by external environmental influences. If left unattended, stress can lead to premature ageing, emotional imbalances and niggling body pains.

    The good news is that massage is a highly effective way to help manage your stress. The more frequent the massages, the more relaxed you'll become, giving you increased energy, sharper concentration, more restful sleep, improved circulation, more balanced moods, better joint flexibility and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.

    The underlying commonality between different massage techniques is that they all work on relaxing and improving the functionality of our body systems.

    Holistically, each system in linked; therefore an improvement in one area provides complimentary benefits to the others. Here are the key areas that are supported by massage...

    The Circulatory system comprises the heart, arteries, veins, blood and other related pathways. Massage improves blood circulation and delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to every cell and all parts of the body. Good circulation enables the body to flush toxins to prevent congestion in the tissue or the organs.

    The Lymphatic system comprises lymph capillaries, lymph ducts, lymph vessels and lymph nodes. The lymph network cleanses, filters and removes waster from the body. It relies solely on muscular movement to do its work. Waste must move quickly to avoid tissue damage, water retention or cellulite build up. Regular exercise along with regular massage will optimise the body's ability to prevent toxin build up, improve skin condition and enhance immunity.

    The Musculoskeletal system is the most obvious area that enjoys the benefits of massage as it consists of our muscles, skeleton, connective tissues and joints. Tense muscles throw the body out of alignment, limit our range of movement and cause pain. Poor posture, muscular cramping and joint pain will all improve with regular treatments.

    The Nervous system is the most pivotal system as it is responsible for communication between all the other systems. It senses changes within the body, then interprets and responds to the changes through muscular and glandular reactions. If this system is not functioning well our body experiences a variety of reactions such as feelings of anxiety, physical exhaustion, increased heart rate, digestion problems, muscular tension, headaches, skin irritations, mental fatigue or depression. 

    Massage is an excellent way to relax both the body and mind to reduce these symptoms and to improve your sense of wellbeing and inner peace. Why not try some of our Massage Oil Recipes and treat yourself or a loved one to a soothing bodywork treatment today?

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