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  • Using Carrier Oils as Base Oils

    Using Carrier Oils as Base Oils

    Did you know that vegetable oils are called Carrier Oils because they 'carry' essential oils into the skin? They are often used as a safe delivery system for the aromatherapeutic and cosmetic benefits of essential oils and absolutes. They are useful when you are making botanical or herbal infusions.

    But some carrier oils are better suited to being a base oil than others... and today we talk about some of our favourites.

    When you are choosing which oil to use as your base oil there are three key features you need to consider. These are; 

    1. Stability - you want your base oil to be naturally stable, to help ensure shelf life and longevity of your aromatic product. Oils that have a high anti-oxidant action are top of the list.

    2. Colour - ideally, your base oil should be relatively neutral in colour. This is especially important if you want your product to be coloured by your choice of essential oil or any botanicals you add.

    3. Aroma - if you are using essential oils to scent your product then you definitely want your base oil to have little to no odour. This will allow your essential oil blend to truly shine!

    Finding carrier oils that fit this brief isn't always easy. For example, Rose Hip oil tends to be susceptible to oxidation and have a rich red colour. Sesame, Tamanu or Neem oil all have intense aromas that are hard to mask. And Avocado oil can be quite green depending on the refining processes used.

    Instead, we think these three are the best oils to use for your base.

    Sunflower oil is a light weight oil that is low in odour and colour. It is a highly stable, neutral oil that lends itself well to a wide range of skin types and product formulations. Perfect for infusions and as an oil perfume base.

    Jojoba oil is unique in that its molecular composition classifies it as a wax and not an oil, despite its fluid state. This structure gives it stability and a long shelf life, making it an excellent carrier for all applications. 

    Camellia oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a stable, light weight oil that is easily absorbed into the skin, providing a soft and silky feel. Its pale appearance allows essential oil to impart true colour to the product.

    If you'd like to find out more about using carrier oils in natural skincare products then why not come along to one of our Natural Skincare Workshops? Select from our wide range of topics and we look forwarding to welcoming you to our Studio soon!


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