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Avocado oil 100mL

Avocado oil 100mL

Botanical name
Persea gratissima 

Cold pressed

Plant part
Fruit flesh

Avocado is a mid-weight, nourishing carrier oil that produces a smooth touch. It absorbs deeply into the skin making it an ideal carrier for essential oil delivery.

Cosmetic benefits
Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, D and E plus palmitic and oleic acids, providing intense moisturising properties. It absorbs easily and has protective properties, boosting the skin’s restoration process. It is emollient and nutritious, and repeated applications improve the skin’s hydration and elasticity over time. It can also be used to soothe the irritation of dry skin. Due to its cell regenerating benefits, Avocado is the perfect choice for use in mature, dry, fragile and damaged skin types.

Formulation types
Avocado is a popular oil in rejuvenating skincare formulations, including creams, suncare formulations, massage products, aftershaves, bath and body applications. For massage use, it is recommended that it is combined with a lighter oil to create a thinner texture. It can be used directly on the skin to reduce bumpiness and to minimise the appearance of age related discolouration. Traditional use combines Avocado with Rosemary essential oil to stimulate the scalp.

% Use in formulation
Can be used at 100% or part of a formulation.

None known.

Recipes & applications

  • Natural Body Butter Base
  • For a nourishing facial oil for dry or dull skin, add 2 drops of Neroli oil to 10mL of Avocado oil.
  • Use Avocado oil as a single ingredient body moisturiser straight after a bath or shower. Use when skin is still damp to facilitate the absorption.
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