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  • 7 Day Self Care Challenge

    7 Day Self Care Challenge

    Self care Sunday? Pfft, how about self care everyday! Why should we tough it out 6 days a week and just dedicate a single day, or even just a few hours out of a day to look after ourselves?

    We challenge you to treat your mind, body and spirit with loving respect 7 days a week. Small acts of self-love daily add up to a whole lot of much deserved attention to the most important person in your life… YOU!

    This month, we are focusing on balancing the scale, perhaps even tipping it the other way. Who ever heard of taking TOO good care of yourself? Start with 7 days, then let’s see how far we can take it.

    Find below a check list of small acts of self kindness that you can tick off daily.

    • Bath with bath salts
    • Read a book
    • Go for a walk
    • Paint your nails
    • Sit under a tree during your lunch break
    • Get a haircut
    • Do a body scrub
    • Do a hair mask
    • See a movie on your own
    • Go for a swim
    • Laugh with your friends
    • Listen to music
    • Buy a bunch of flowers
    • Have dinner by candlelight
    • Give yourself a foot massage
    • Take a nap
    • Make yourself a mug cake and DEVOUR it
    • Read a trashy magazine
    • Do a youtube yoga session
    • Plan a day with no plans
    • Learn the dance from Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”
    • Do a face mask
    • Do something crafty- colouring, crocheting, macrame, a cardboard box cubby…
    • Call your oldest friend
    • Have a cuppa
    • Eat strawberries dipped in chocolate
    • Buy pretty new lingerie
    • Wear your oldest, comfiest and daggiest pair of granny undies.
    • Write a letter 
    • Sleep without your phone in your bedroom
    • Write a bucket list and put it into action
    • Try meditation
    • Plant some seeds 
    • Listen to a comedy podcast- give the true crime a rest for a day
    • Give yourself a DIY facial complete with slices of cucumber on your eyes!
    • Book in some good old wholesome fun- laser tag, bowling, a game of frisbee or a twister tournament
    • Do a workshop
    • Vaporise your favourite essential oils
    • Spend quality time with a pooch
    • Unfollow social media accounts that don’t serve you
    • Celebrate a win, no matter how small.

    Are you up to the challenge? Tag us on instagram @sagecosmetics and show us how you’re showing yourself love. Unless it’s X-rated… another great idea ;) 

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