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  • Essential Oil Blends for your Star Sign

    Essential Oil Blends for your Star Sign

    Ever wondered what essential oils match your astrological sign? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re basking in the best qualities of your horoscope or needing support with some of those niggling negatives…. There’s an oil for that!

    Read on to find your perfect blend.

    Characteristics: Bold and ambitious, always up for a challenge. Pushes themselves to be the best, competitive. Leadership, creativity, drive and enthusiasm. Tends to demand attention, recognition and validation. May present as self centred.

    The Aries Blend:

    Eucalyptus 3 drops Encourages strength of character & resolution.
    Petitgrain 2 drops Supports a sharp intellect while calming an active mind.
    Lime 2 drops Promotes courage to find value in themselves.
    Orange 3 drops Softens the heart, finds joy & lightness in life.


    Characteristics: Ambitious, dependable, intuitive and knowledgeable. Good listeners who maintain strong relationships. Enjoy self care, relaxation and really know how to treat themselves. Good listeners who develop strong and lasting relationships. Can be stubborn, inflexible and don't always hold other's opinions in high value. 

    The Taurus Blend:

    Rose 3 drops Enhances self love & care practices.
    Ylang Ylang 1 drop Adds luxury & pampering to every day.
    Orange 3 drops Soften the heart, allowing space to be more understanding & acceptance.
    Patchouli 1 drop Grounding for the mind and soul, supports objectivity.
    Lemon 2 drops Promotes a cool & calm temperament.


    Characteristics: Spontaneous, curious and playful people who truly live in the moment. They are social, bubbly, intelligent and funny, making them the life of the party. Can be erratic and easily switch their thoughts and opinions. May be seen as two-faced or fake.

    The Gemini Blend:

    Rosemary 1 drop Promotes focus and attention.
    Geranium 2 drops Helps to find equilibrium and balance.
    Lemon 4 drops Supports decisiveness.
    Eucalyptus 1 drop Gives strength and resolution
    Cedarwood 2 drops Supports attention span, stability. 


    Characteristics: Intuitive, empathetic, loving and caring. They feel the need to protect selves emotionally, which may seem closed off. Their actions are driven by emotions, can be overly sensitive, moody and passive aggressive.

    The Cancer Blend:

    Rose 1 drop Supports a nurturing & caring nature.
    Orange 2 drops Helps release negativity.
    Bergamot 2 drops Promotes self love, confidence & positivity.
    Lavender 2 drops Calm the emotions, bringing balance to the mood.
    Neroli 3 drops Strengthens a sensitive soul. 


    Characteristics: Fiery, passionate, loyal and theatrical. Have the ability to really celebrate themselves and their achievements. Can seem egotistical as they command attention and may need to feel noticed and validated.

    The Leo Blend:

    Lime 1 drop Cool emotions, lifts and brightens the mood.
    Orange 4 drops Soften the heart, promotes joy and lightness.
    Peppermint 1 drop Cools a fiery temperament.
    Bergamot 4 drops Supports self confidence and positivity, allowing to see value in self.


    Characteristics: Logical, practical and diligent people who tend towards being perfectionists. They are dependable and hardworking, but can fixate on things too heavily. Their attention to detail and high standards can come across as controlling, obsessive and critical.

    The Virgo Blend:

    Frankincense 2 drops Balances obsessive nature, calms the soul
    Ylang Ylang 1 drop Release inhibitions, allowing more freedoms and creativity.
    Chamomile 2 drops Supports an uptight disposition, softens rigidity.
    Tangerine 5 drops Promotes contentedness.


    Characteristics: Seek balance, harmony and justice. They are charming and make friends easily. Tend to be co-dependant and people pleasers, which can come across as superficial or flighty. They find peace through equilibrium and symmetry. 

    The Libra Blend:

    Geranium 2 drops Promotes balance, equilibrium
    Cedarwood 1 drop Grounds flightiness, helps to find path in life
    Bergamot 4 drops Strengthens the heart, allows for confidence in independence.
    Frankincense 2 drops Soothing, grounding, instils peace.
    Chamomile 1 drop Dispels fears and supports nerves.


    Characteristics: The most elusive and mysterious of the signs. Courageous and ambitious, trustworthy. Always looking for answers, curious and deep thinkers. May gravitate towards conspiracy theories and theorists. Can seem secretive, obsessive, controlling and have a tendency to psychoanalyse everyone and everything. 

    The Scorpio Blend:

    Chamomile 2 drops Helps to let go of fixations, calms the mind.
    Frankincense 2 drops Balances obsessive thoughts. 
    Tea Tree 3 drops Brings the mind to the present.
    Lime 3 drops Supports a courageous personality.



    Characteristics: Witty and confident people with a constant quest for knowledge. They have many pursuits and are in constant motion. Their varied interests and confidence can come across as being a know-it-all or pretentious. Have a tendency to talk over others and can be perceived as preachy. 

    The Sagittarius Blend:

    Bergamot 4 drops Strengthen the heart, reduce intense emotions
    Lemon 2 drops Promotes clear thought, dispels mental apathy
    Peppermint 1 drop Cools a fiery temperament
    Lavender 2 drops Slow and calm an overactive mind
    Petitgrain 1 drop Supports intellect while soothing the nerves.



    Characteristics: Patience, perseverance and dedication. They are disciplined and hardworking leaders who are reliable and take initiative. They tend to be too serious and uptight, all work and no play. They may seem unapproachable and inflexibly. Their lack of spontaneity and fun may mean they miss out on some of the joys of life.

    The Capricorn Blend:

    Mandarin 4 drops Promotes feelings of joy and lightness. 
    Orange 3 drops Soften the heart and mind.
    Ylang Ylang 1 drop Release inhibitions, allowing for spontaneity and fun.
    Chamomile 2 drops Supports an uptight disposition, softens rigidity.


    Characteristics: Innovative, progressive, revolutionary with a strong passion for humanitarianism. They are deeply creative dreamers with big ideas. Can seem annoying and in your face- they love to standout and make their stance both known and recognised. They may be unpredictable. 

    The Aquarius Blend:

    Patchouli 1 drop Promotes objectivity.
    Rose 6 drops Supports a big heart.
    Peppermint 1 drop Helps turn ideas into reality
    Frankincense 1 drop Fosters strength and resolution.
    Cedarwood 1 drop Grounds the mind and soul, supports humility.



    Characteristics: The most psychic and intuitive of the signs. They are deeply sensitive, empathetic, kind and creative. Can be seen as day dreamers with little focus or attention span. They may come across as flaky and tend to overwhelm easily.

    The Pisces Blend:

    Neroli 4 drops Soothes shock and overwhelm
    Geranium 1 drop Assists in decision making
    Tea Tree 2 drops Brings back to present in times of overwhelm and shock
    Mandarin 2 drops Supports and refreshes the psyche
    Cedarwood 1 drop Ground the soul, focus, helps to find path in life.


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