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  • Floral Family Essential Oils

    Floral Family Essential Oils

    It's time to explore the sweet and splendid Floral Olfactive Family. You will love the complex aroma tones and the delightful perfumery opportunities on offer with this ground of scents.

    Floral Family essential oils are typically sourced from flowers or flowering plants. They are recognised for their sweet, rich and sometimes heady aromatic properties that can enhance a natural cosmetic or perfumery blend with a touch of feminine intrigue. Most Floral Family oils will synergise as the middle note in the hear of an aromatic blend and offer an unmistakable resounding quality. 

    Essential oils within this family are known to support emotional wellbeing. They offer a balancing effect and promote feelings of love and contentment. Aromatherapists will often choose Floral oils to support different female body systems and they can be employed to help alleviate mental and physical blockages caused by negativity. 

    Geranium essential oil
    The sweet, deep floral aroma of Geranium is somewhat reminiscent of Rose but with penetrating warmth that inundates the senses. 

    Geranium is ideal for all skin types as it helps to balance sebum production and keeps the complexion looking soft and supple. It is also an excellent oil for cleansing and can give new vitality to pale, lifeless skin.

    3% Jasmine in Jojoba oil
    With a sweet, intoxicating aroma, Jasmine is a standout perfumery ingredient often partnered with other Floral Family oils, such as Neroli and Rose, to create opulent scents. 

    Emotionally it can instil confidence and encourage a positive mindset. It's useful for women in labour, but should be avoided during pregnancy. Skin softening benefits make it perfect for rich body butters. When used in cosmetic products, it offers toning properties and is suitable for dry sensitive skin types.

    3% Neroli in Jojoba oil
    Neroli is a favourite for both aromatherapists and perfume houses. Its distinctive citrus-floral aroma is just exquisite! It will soothe emotions and is perfect for promoting a peaceful atmosphere. When incorporated in massage application, it offers a muscle relieving action and helps tone the skin.

    Cosmetically, it's an anti-ageing ingredient that can improve skin elasticity and the complexion. When blended with other key perfumery ingredients, such as Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose or Sandalwood, the result is a sophisticated scent profile.

    3% Rose in Jojoba oil
    Rose must be the Queen of the Floral Family. It's a feminine oil and one of the most sought after for natural cosmetics and perfumery. It has a sweet floral scent that is all-encompassing. It wraps you up and holds you tight.

    This wonderful oil can lift the heart, boost self-esteem and nurture the soul. Anti-ageing products benefit from the inclusion of Rose oil as it has excellent emollient qualities and can help reduce redness.

    Ylang Ylang essential oil
    The exotic floral aroma of Ylang Ylang is instantly recognisable with alluring sweet, heavy notes. It offers a luxurious appeal and can lift an essential oil blend to new heights. Release negativity, fear and anxiety while instilling confidence, self-love and desirability.

    When used in skincare Ylang Ylang has a balancing effect which is suitable for most skin types and promotes shine when included in haircare products. 

    Blending with Florals
    Floral Family essential oils balance the middles notes with a blend. They offer tender, sweet tones that elevate top notes such as Citruses and harmonise with deep Wood base notes. Blending Florals can produce impressive results as they truly complement each other. Why not try some of these combinations in your vaporiser...

    Smell the Roses 
    3% Rose in Jojoba oil - 5 drops
    Orange Sweet oil - 3 drops
    Geranium oil - 2 drops

    Love and Romance
    Ylang Ylang oil - 4 drops
    3% Jasmine in Jojoba oil - 4 drops
    Patchouli oil - 2 drops

    Precious Heart
    3% Neroli in Jojoba oil - 4 drops
    3% Rose in Jojoba oil - 3 drops
    3% Jasmine in Jojoba oil - 3 drops

    If you'd like to find out more about Floral notes... or any other essential oil olfactive family then join us at our next Scent Blending Workshop where you'll learn how to create a wonderful balanced essential oil blend. We hope to see you soon!

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