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  • Support Emotional Wellbeing with Aroma

    Support Emotional Wellbeing with Aroma

    Life's ups and downs can certainly have us experiencing a full range of emotions on a daily basis and impact the way we interact with one another. Wonderfully merry moments, or slightly prickly exchanges can happen without us even realising, and it's not always easy to maintain full self-awareness.

    But here are some tips that can help support your emotions with aromatherapy and essential oils.

    Promote Positivity
    Laughter, smiling and feeling joy in your heart makes everything more pleasant. Happiness is high on the list of the most enjoyable emotions we can experience. Learning to look for the good things in life and in the people around you is one of the best ways to tap into happy thoughts and enables you to view the world with a positive attitude.

    To help maintain your sunny mood you can choose oils that offer a bright aromatic experience. Orange Sweet, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tangerine and Bergamot oils are all good choices to help keep a smile of your face and the happy glow around you. Vaporising the oils in your home or workplace will create an optimistic energy that everyone will benefit from.

    Lift the Gloom
    When the clouds are hanging low overhead and your world feels grey and gloomy it is important to try to recognise what is causing your sadness. Acknowledging the source of your emotions an be a great first step in making it easier to move on from the melancholy. 

    Sometimes we might need some extra help, and essential oils such as Chamomile and Lavender are excellent choices to help raise your spirits and lift you out of a slump. They create calm and provide a nurturing atmosphere that will allow you to let go of your sorrow. A few drops of essential oil in a bath will relax your body and set your mind free to the promise of a new day.

    Being present in the moment is beneficial for both your work and your home life. If you are feeling scattered, confused or unable to maintain focus, it can lead to overwhelming situations that exacerbate your emotional state.

    Take some time out to simplify your thoughts. Try writing a list or drawing a mind map to help clarify the muddle and enable you to focus mindfully on the present situation. 

    There are also many creative activities you can engage in to help centre yourself. Hobbies such as gardening, sewing, singing, colouring in and the like, are all great ways to disconnect from life's pressures and increase mindfulness.

    Including essential oils in your daily routine can also support mental clarity. Some of the most effective for connecting your consciousness are Lemon, Petitgrain and Rosemary.

    Allay Anger and Frustration
    Anger is an emotion that can be quite debilitating and can have a significantly negative impact on your relationships with others. If you find yourself with a short fuse, or if you suffer through annoyance and frustration, it could be worthwhile looking at the root cause of your feelings.

    Professionals are able to assist in managing your awareness in challenging situations but there are some essential oils that are also helpful in maintaining a cool and calm nature. Patchouli and Peppermint are beneficial options when you are feeling hot under the collar.

    Feel the Love
    There is nothing better than embracing love with its all encompassing sensations. In the height of this emotion you feel warm, safe and truly connected to your partner and yourself. It is wonderful to celebrate this connection and it should be nurtured every day.

    To support your love you can choose essential oils that have a romantic aura. Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are all ideal to create a sensual aromatic experience.

    Encourage Creativity
    Finding inspiration asn be challenging when the stresses of your modern day lifestyle overpower your senses. It is in the quiet moments when you can emotionally re-energise that you often find your creativity is unlocked and flows from every pore.

    Meditation is an excellent activity to free yourself from distractions and when partnered with essential oils you can achieve amazing results. Try selecting oils that will refresh your mind and reduce mental fatigue. Frankincense, Lime and Cedarwood are all recognised for their ability to reset your thoughts and open you up to new possibilities.

    Essential oils offer an amazing natural alternative for supporting your emotional wellbeing. However, they may not be the most effective solution for your situation. If you feel you are unable to manage difficult emotions on your own, we always recommend seeking professional assistance.

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