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  • Woody Family Essential Oils

    Woody Family Essential Oils

    Woody family essential oils are sourced from different plant parts including wood, branches, resin, leaves or roots and characteristically have warm, long-lasting aromas. Their resonant base note action is important for scent developers and natural perfumers.

    With a deep, rich presence, Woody oils help to ground an essential oil blend or perfume while offering centring and balancing properties to the mind and body. Aromatherapists often select essential oils from this group to promote calm and support meditation. They are renowned for soothing the soul and restoring harmony.

    Cedarwood Atlas essential oil
    Cedarwood Atlas has a sweet, lush woody scent with a hint of balsamic notes. It is steam distilled from wood chips made of trunks and branches. It is recognised for its warming and soothing effect. It can help quiet the mind and reduce excess nervous tension.

    In skincare, it offers an astringent action beneficial for oily skin. It's also a great tonic for the hair and scalp when used as an ingredient in shampoo and conditioner.

    Frankincense essential oil
    Many people have a spiritual connection to Frankincense. The sweet, woody, almost haunting aroma is renowned for its ability to calm the thoughts and promote a meditative state. Aromatherapists love to utilise it in respiratory treatments and it is a valuable ingredient for women, as it can act as a uterine tonic. 

    Recognised for its excellent anti-ageing benefits, Frankincense is a go-to for mature skin formulations and is ideal for moisturisers and facial serums.

    Patchouli essential oil
    The deep, earthy, woody aroma of Patchouli oil is a popular perfumery ingredient. Grounding and acting as a fixative for other lighter top notes, its presence is unmistakable. Patchouli oil is often used to settle emotional imbalances and create a calm mental state. 

    When incorporated in a cosmetic formulation, Patchouli imparts a cooling effect helping to reduce aggravated redness in the complexion. It's also noted for its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promoting soft and supple skin.

    Sandalwood essential oil
    Sandalwood's appeal is undeniable. It is one of the most popular Woody Family oils. With a sweet, almost honey-like scent, it has a rich, luxurious quality that resonates through essential oil blends and natural perfumes. The relaxing quality of Sandalwood encourages restorative sleeping patterns and soothes tense or nervous situations.

    Its skin softening effect makes it perfect for dehydrated or ageing skin types and performs wonderfully in creams, lotions and body butters.

    Blending with Woody Aromas
    Woody Family essential oils are excellent base notes for blends. They ground the aroma profile and assist with scent throw and longevity. Their fixative action is important when working with Citrus or light Floral aromas. We suggest experimenting with your blend as often only low percentages are needed to achieve impressive results.

    Why not try some of these blends in your vaporiser...

    Sweet Dreams
    Lavender oil
     - 5 drops
    Chamomile oil - 3 drops
    Frankincense oil - 2 drops

    Ready to Meditate
    Mandarin oil
     - 6 drops
    Petitgrain oil - 2 drops
    Cedarwood Atlas oil - 2 drops

    Tender Care
    Bergamot oil - 5 drops
    Ylang Ylang oil - 2 drops
    Patchouli oil - 3 drops

    If you'd like to find out more about Woody oils... or any other essential oil olfactive family then join us at our next Scent Blending Workshop where you'll learn how to create a wonderful balanced essential oil blend. We hope to see you soon!

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