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  • Sage Loves Lavender Oil

    Sage Loves Lavender Oil

    Lavender is the world's most sought after aromatherapeutic plant and the use of both the flower and the oil has a history that dates back many centuries.

    Its European, Mediterranean and North African origins have seen it used as a natural sedative, a healing and cleansing agent and even a pest repellent. Archaeological evidence shows that Lavender was utilised by Ancient Egyptians as a fragrance in massage and cosmetics as far back at 1300BC. 

    More recently, Lavender has been linked to French chemist and modern 'Father of Aromatherapy', Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. He treated a laboratory burn with Lavender oil and noted its remarkable healing effect. This in turn led him to partner with doctors who were utilising Lavender and other essential oils to treat the wounds of French World War I soldiers. 

    The Lavandula angustifolia plant was introduced to Bulgaria in 1907and quickly claimed prominence within the country-side's agricultural mix. Today, Bulgaria is the world's largest producer of the ever popular essential oil.

    The annual Bulgarian Lavender harvest starts in July and continues for approximately 20 to 25 days dependant on the weather conditions. Fields are both machine and hand harvested. Manual harvesting utilises a traditional sickle style tool. The flowers are picked only on warm, quiet days when the plants naturally contain the highest levels of essential oil compounds.

    Harvested lavender is processed through steam distillation. It takes approximately 60 kilograms of plant material to produce 1 kilogram of the richly aromatic and highly desirable Lavender essential oil.

    Bulgarian Lavender oil has a rich, robust aroma profile. It offers a deep scent that will truly impress. When incorporated into an essential oil blend it will synergise as a true middle note and harmonises perfectly with almost every type of oil. Whether you choose a Citrus, Wood, Floral or Herbaceous partner, the overall blend will resonate with an enchanting energy.

    Aromatherapeutically, Lavender provides a calming effect on the mind and body. It is ideal for use in night time blends to encourage a deep and restful sleep and is also the perfect ingredient in massage oils for relaxation bodywork treatments.

    Natural cosmetic formulations will also benefit from the inclusion of Lavender oil. The moisturising and soothing action will enhance creams, lotions and body butters, plus it can help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when added to a target area serum or face oil.

    Adding the oil to an aloe vera based after-sun product will support the skin during the healing process and promotes a healthy looking complexion.

    You can see why we love Lavender oil so much! Why not try it in your next natural skincare formulation?

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