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  • 5 Ways to Battle Dry Skin this Winter

    5 Ways to Battle Dry Skin this Winter

    Winter can really play havoc with your skin. Cold, windy days and inside heating can really dry out the skin, leaving it chapped, flaky and lifeless. Dry and irritated skin conditions can be aggravated by the weather as well as the extra clothing we wear to keep ourselves warm. Taking extra care during these colder months can help keep your skin soft and hydrated.

    1. Moisture, moisture and more moisture! This is really the key. Maintaining your skincare routine, including a day and a night cream, is more important than ever during this season. The kind of moisturiser you use can be completely individual but consider a rich night cream before bed to really sink in and work it’s magic while you sleep. Using softening ingredients such as Chamomile, Mandarin or Neroli in your night cream keeps skin smooth, while imparting calming aromatherapy benefits. Don’t forget, an important aspect of keeping your skin moisturised is drinking water, which we tend to think of a little less in the colder months. Try non-caffeinated herbal teas to keep you toasty and hydrated at the same time. 

    Recipe: Add 0.5mL Chamomile, 0.5mL Mandarin and 0.5mL Rosehip Co2 extract to 100mL of our Natural Cream Base Recipe for a softening and hydrating Anti-Ageing Night Cream.

    1. Protective products- There’s nothing worse than going out into the wild and wooly weather for just one day and having your skin get chapped! It often means weeks of trying to repair it. Using rich products including natural butters helps to protect the skin, forming a barrier to guard again the harsh weather. Cocoa and Shea Butter in your facial and body products perform this function, while also nourishing and soothing. Our Natural Body Butter Base Recipe could be used not only on the body, but the face too, for its rich and protective ingredients. Remember to look after your lips too- a good lip balm is vital in winter!

    Recipe: Add 5g of Cocoa Butter and 5g of Beeswax to our 100g Natural Balm Base Recipe for a protective Winter Lip Balm. Try 10 drops of Peppermint oil for a tingly tingle.

    1. Sunscreen isn’t just for the summer. Whilst most people are unlikely to get sunburnt in the winter, the UV rays are still present and can be harmful and cause premature ageing. Make part of your winter skincare regime to apply sunscreen every morning. There are plenty of foundations out there with SPF included, so this could be a great way simplify your routine.

    2. There’s not many skincare products out there that give you the immediate results that a scrub does and in winter they work harder than ever! By removing those dry, flaky dead skin cells, stimulating both the lymph and the circulation, scrubbing helps to revive lifeless skin. Whether face or body, gentle and effective scrubs are an important step in your beauty regime. Exfoliating scrubs are also a lovely way to pamper yourself, so making this part of a selfcare ritual is the perfect way to look after your skin AND your mind.

    Recipe: For an exfoliating body scrub, add 100g Epsom Salts, 40mL Almond Oil and 1.5mL Orange oil.

    1. Protect your extremities- we all put that little bit of extra care into our faces when it comes to skincare, because let’s face it, it’s the money maker- but let’s talk about the rest of you. We know it’s cold and you just want to rug up straight after a shower, but keeping your feet, legs and hands hydrated is important too. Using a body butter including those protective ingredients will really nourish those areas and keep them healthy. For dried and cracked cuticles, try rubbing a little Sunflower oil into them to repair and rehydrate. Applying a heavy foot cream before bed, then popping your socks on, helps to hydrate and protect the skin, but is also a great way of delivering your aromatherapy oils. Try calming oils if you have trouble winding down for sleep.

    Recipe: For a winter Hand and Foot Cream, add 2mL Lavender and 0.5mL Peppermint and 0.5mL Cedarwood Atlas to 100mL of our Natural Body Butter Base Recipe.  

    We hope you embrace our tips to incorporate a little more skincare and selfcare into these winter days. They will help support a healthy complexion year round.

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